Services We Offer

  • Your service at Speak To Me will be personalised from the start. We will find the therapist that best suits your child and you will have this therapist for both your child's assessment and therapy. This will provide you and your child with a consistent service. Speak To Me offers specialist services in the area of speech sound disorders.
  • Our assessment sessions use both formal and informal assessment measures. Our therapists are extremely experienced and can assess your child even through play. Our speech sound assessment sessions one and a half hours in length. We can offer a written report if requested, but this does have an associated charge. 
  • We conduct our therapy sessions at the Speak To Me clinic, your child's preschool/school or alternatively via teletherapy. We encourage parental involvement where possible, as this results in faster progress being made towards set goals. Our therapy sessions can be either 15-minute sessions three/four times a week, 20-minute sessions twice a week, 30-minute sessions once/twice a week, or 60-minute sessions once/twice a week. The duration and frequency will be recommended based on the therapy intervention chosen for your child. Each intervention has evidence based duration and frequency recommendations. 
  • We offer training sessions for teaching staff at preschools/schools. We can provide these training sessions on numerous topics so please call to discuss what might work for you and your staff. We can also provide phone calls, email or on-site visits to help professionals who wish to further support the children in their care. 

What Are Speech Sound Disorders?

A speech sound disorder can be described as a communication disorder, where children have difficulty saying sounds / words correctly. It is normal for children to make mistakes as they learn how to say new words; this is part of the learning process. Speech sounds develop over time, with SLT's predicting which sounds children master at what age. Children can typically say all sounds correctly by 5 years. A child who has trouble saying sounds expected for their age, may be difficult for others to understand and may have a speech sound disorder. It is our job as SLT's to conduct age appropriate assessment and to provide differential diagnosis of speech sound disorders. Speech sound disorders include problems with articulation (how we physically make the sounds), phonology (sound patterns and how they are stored in the brain), and motor planning difficulties (e.g. Childhood Apraxia of Speech - CAS). 

Rosie works with children who may present with the following: 

  • Articulation
  • Phonology
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

Gemma works with children who may present with the following:

  • Articulation
  • Phonology
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

Pricing Plan

Speech Sound Assessment Session (no report) $220
Speech Sound Assessment Session (with a report) $310
15 minute therapy session (face to face or teletherapy) $40
20 minute therapy session (face to face or teletherapy) $50
30 minute therapy session (face to face or teletherapy) $90
45 minute therapy session (face to face or teletherapy) $110
60 minute therapy session (face to face or teletherapy) $130