S-Clusters Phonology Targets For Cycles Intervention

Bjorem speech publications presents Phonology Targets for Cycles Intervention by Amy Graham, M. A., CCC-SLP. This box includes targets for s-cluster reduction.




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Bjorem Speech Publications presents 'Phonology Targets for Cycles Intervention' cards by Amy Graham. The cycles approach (Hodson & Paden, 1991) is a well established evidence-based phonological intervention for highly unintelligible children with moderate to severe phonological deficits. This box targets cluster reduction for s-clusters. The box includes the following;

  • Carefully selected target words
  • Monosyllabic syllable shapes
  • Cycles appropriate targets including: Final /ts/, /ps/, /ks/ Initial /st/, /sp/, /sn/, /sm/, /sk/, /sw/, /sl/ Complex Clusters /str/, /spr/, /skr/, /spl/
  • Includes 60 targets
  • A cycles approach overview
  • A cycles therapy session guide

Card: 2.56" x 2.56"

Cues are a thick soft matte texture, they are not shiny or laminated so children with vision impairments do not get the glare.

Author: Amy Graham, M.A., CCC-SLP

Illustrator: Ruthie Ozonoff

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