Bjorem Speech Prosody Cues

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Bjorem Speech Prosody Cues can be used for speech, language, and reading prosody goals. Use in play or structured tasks when working on the following:

  • motor planning/childhood apraxia
  • pragmatics/social language
  • reading fluency/expression

Prosody is made up of the following parameters - pitch, volume, rate, stress, and movement/rhythm. The pitch, volume, and rate cards can be lined up to one and another to provide a visual for the continuums that they fall on. 

Cues included in the deck include:

  • Pitch - high, low, flat AND include fun dice game to work on different voices including mouse, baby, robot, witch, ghost, alien, king, princess, granny, reporter, singing, and dinosaur
  • Volume - quiet, whispering, talking, loud
  • Rate - slow speed, kid speed, fast speed
  • Stress - 2 stress dot cues included
  • Movement/Rhythm- choppy, smooth, pause, stretched
  • Emotions- using prosody to identify and practice emotions with emotion cards happy, sad, mad, excited, scared, and confused

Authors: Jennie Bjorem, M.A., CCC-SLP, Kelsey Coaldrake, M.A., CCC-SLP

Illustrator: Ruthie Ozonoff

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