Bjorem Speech Contrast Cues for Speech and Literacy Poster

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The Contrast Cues for Speech and Literacy poster by Carol Koch is a MUST HAVE companion for the Contrast Cues for Speech and Literacy Cards!  The poster is a quick reference for identifying client-specific contrasts for each approach:  minimal, maximal, and multiple oppositions contrasts.  Quickly identify the onsets and the rimes to use in intervention that are most appropriate for each client.  There is a chart that identifies at least 700 true words that are created with the cards when onsets and rimes are combined.  Another chart identifies phonemes that when contrasted in therapy are considered to be maximal oppositions contrasts.  And one last chart for support in identifying the number of feature contrasts between two phonemes when selecting minimal opposition contrasts.

Truly – a MUST HAVE COMPANION to the Contrast Cues!

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