Speak To Me Speech Sound Screen

  • 21 June 2018
  • Rosie Dwyer

At Speak To Me we get so many calls and emails from parents and teachers asking a variety of questions about what is normal for speech sound development. So last week we decided to put together a quick speech sound screening tool for these families and teachers to use at home, preschool or school.  

We recommend completing the screening test with a fun game or reinforcer to encourage your child to get through all the pictures. It is important that the child tries to name to target picture by themselves as this will give you the best indicator as to how their sounds are developing. If they do not know the name of one of the pictures, you can prompt them using a forced choice "Is it a crayon or a pen?" 

Once you have written down how your child is saying the sounds/words, then you can compare those sounds against our norm data. This will help give you a guideline as to where your child's speech sound development is at and whether this is age appropriate or not. 

Important - If you suspect your child's speech and/or language skills may be delayed it is recommended that you seek professional guidance from a speech-language therapist.

We hope you find this helpful!


* This screen was created using Boardmaker Software

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