Alternative Miccio Cards

  • 23 April 2018
  • Rosie Dwyer

Alternative Miccio Stimulability Cards

Calling all Speech-Language Therapists! Our fabulous "artist" Speech-Language Therapist Elizabeth Laurenson, has hand drawn an alternative version of the Miccio Stimulability cards to pair with the Miccio Stimulability therapy approach (Miccio & Elbert, 1996) and they are amazing. We wanted to give other Speech-Language Therapists the opportunity to use them alongside or instead of the original Miccio cards. Please feel free to download them, print them and use them if you think they are great illustrations too. 


Miccio, A. W., & Elbert, M. (1996). Enhancing stimulability: A treatment program. Journal of Communication Disorders, 29(4), 335-351.

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